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Timo S. Varis aka Timov

Advisory consultant, programmer, console & retro gamer and sci-fi enthusiast. Certified PO and Scrum Master. Father and a geek.

This is my personal homesite, which may or may not be up to date with current events of my life.

You can find me all around interwebs

I am @varis_timo on Twitter, @Timov on Mastodon, varistimo on Instagram and Timo S. Varis on FB.

Here is my cv and a LinkedIn-profile. This is my current setup for anything computery.

This is my lending page in Kiva, which is a microcredit service mainly for helping people in third wordld countries.

Current interests

I am currently immersed in experimenting with the possibilities of new artificial intelligence models. Here’s my Midjourney profile and here’s the Pokemon guessing game completely generated by ChatGPT for my daughters from the description (javascript in the html page, I haven’t touched the code in any way other than copy-paste).

I think the development of AI over the last year is both amazing and somewhat worrying at the same time. I believe that there is an avalanche of changes going on comparable to the spread of the internet, which will however happen much faster and more uncontrollably. I’m not saying we necessarily need restrictions, but we definitely need openness and research.